School Based Services

Healing Hearts Club

The Healing Hearts Club is a six-week grief group offered free of charge to area public schools. Through the use of age-appropriate curriculum, students K-12 learn about the grief experience while strengthening coping skills and increasing peer support. Our unique program is specifically designed to address the many complications children face after a significant loss occurs. A wide variety of therapeutic activities including expressive arts, media, games, writing and discussion keep participants engaged in the group experience.

Group curriculum is available for death losses, life losses (parental incarceration, relocation, guardianship changes, etc.) and divorce.

To host a Healing Hearts Club at your school, contact us at 918.587.1200 or email our Outreach Coordinator at

In Praise of the Healing Hearts Club

“I want to share a quick story: Two years ago we had a student who had suffered in his grief over the loss of a family member for several years. He just never had anyone he could talk to about it. He joined the Heailng Hearts Club, opened up to the other kids in the group and, by his own report, was able to finally move past a very painful loss and find joy again. Our teens don’t usually know what to do with their grief and it is compounded when they feel like they are the only one struggling. Healing Hearts gives them a sense of comradery and support like nothing else can.”

Paula M. Lau, LPC, LADC

Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Jenks Public Schools