Grief, Loss, and Trauma - An Afternoon with Debbie Augenthaler

Grief, Loss, and Trauma - An Afternoon with Debbie Augenthaler

September 21, 2018

There is no mental imprint on how to cope with grief and loss. We are not born with this skill—it has to be learned and developed. Because it’s a subject often avoided in our grief-phobic society, many people, when faced with overwhelming grief, feel like they’re alone in what they are experiencing and have difficulty coping.Grief comes in all forms, from the newly bereaved, to complicated grieving, to the deep layered losses of childhood trauma. Grief is a universal emotion, although different cultures have their own rituals and expectations, which will be addressed in the workshop.

Using a combination of didactic and experiential learning, along with demonstrations and hand-outs, this workshop will describe and discuss essential aspects of the grieving process to prepare clinicians working with grieving clients, from both a psychological and physiological perspective. Participants will also gain experience in learning about their own grief history—addressing this issue is crucial in being able to effectively help patients without being triggered by their own losses.

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