2. Inside Out Grief Activity

2. Inside Out Grief Activity

May 30, 2018

We love the movie Inside Out and the message that it represents! We wanted to create an activity to use with our kid clients incorporating the importance of ALL emotions, especially in our grief journey.


Inside out handouts (Inside Out Guide Sheet and Inside Out Memory Orb)

Inside Out Guide Sheet

Inside Out Memory Orb

Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue coloring utensil (preferably colored pencils or crayons)

Step 1: Identify and Draw Memory

Direct the client to draw a memory shared with his loved one who has died on the Inside Out Memory Orb worksheet. The client may also use words to write a story if he feels more comfortable representing his story this way. Encourage the client to explore the memory further by noticing how all of the five senses were activated during the memory (i.e., notice what you smell, notice all of the colors as you think about this memory, etc.)

Step 2: Identify and Express Feelings Associated to the Memory

Provide the client with the Inside Out Guide worksheet and ask him to pick out the feelings that he experienced upon reflecting on his memory. Be sure to encourage the client that it is okay to experience multiple feelings when he thinks about the memory. Then ask the client to select the appropriate colors that represent the feelings and then use the colored pencils or crayons to shade in the Memory Orb. Allow the client to select how he wants to represent his feelings when shading in the Memory Orb — clients might want to shade in proportionally to represent a percentage of the feelings or they may want mix the colors they have selected.

Step 3: Explore the Experience

Spend time exploring what all came up when drawing the memory, did anything new or unexpected come up for the client? It might be helpful to end with a breathing or grounding exercise.

You can use this activity during multiple sessions with your clients asking them to process different memories. The activity also works well in a group setting.