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Infant Loss

Hope Messages from "Healing Hearts Club" Teens

To whomever: I know it’s hard to lose the ones you love, but it does get better in time, with love, the hurt isn’t so bad. My experience with the grief group was the best thing that happened to me since my sister passed because of the support and love I received. “Stephanie” — age 17.

Dear Friend. No matter what happens to you in life, never give up. Giving up is never an option because in the long-term, the best answer is to give everything your best. “Chad” — age 17.

Express what you feel and never keep things to yourself because it might get worse if you don’t talk out what you feel. Open your heart and mind to new things and everything will get better. “Carlos” — age 16.

Dear whoever reads this. I am sure you have had a hard time, I really hope you know you are not alone. You do have many people around you who you can talk to! I hope your journey gets better for you! “Cara” — age 17.

No matter how you feel or what pain you have … it will get better, it will heal. Remember the happy times you’ve had with them. Your scar will heal. Stand firm. Stand Strong. “Jesse” — age 15.

Paula Royce, Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau

The Grief Center’s Children’s programming has been a great asset to our Girl Power program. The information and creative activities they present about the grief process allows our girls to better understand how their losses have impacted their lives and teaches them the skills they need to face future losses and transitions. I have observed girls who feel alone in their grief confide in others on a deeper level, gain hope despite their circumstances, and develop a much needed support system.

Paula Royce
Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau
“Girl Power” Program Director

Stacey Butterfield, Jenks Public Schools

The grief counseling provided by professionals at The Tristesse Grief Center assists people of all ages and varying circumstances cope with grief and mourning following the loss of a loved one. More specifically, the Tristesse Grief Center is making an impact in the lives young people at Jenks High School. Research indicates bereavement is a common and sometimes life-defining experience, especially for young people at perhaps a more vulnerable time in life. Knowing this, school and counseling professionals recognize the importance of providing grief counseling, education, and support for students during this time of need.

With more than 3,000 students in grades 9-12, it is challenging for our student assistance coordinator and limited number of school counselors to provide specialized counseling, in addition to meeting all of the day-to-day needs of the student body. The grief counseling groups allow these young people to share personal experiences, feelings, and challenges with other teenagers experiencing similar losses and circumstances. Furthermore, the grief counseling group enables these students to communicate with other students who they might not otherwise know or interact with if it were not for the grief counseling group supported and facilitated by Alissa from the Tristesse Grief Center. Our student assistant coordinator raves about the trust students have for Alissa and their appreciation for her commitment to assisting the students in their journey to heal. Unfortunately, schools struggle to meet the counseling needs of our students. The support provided by the Tristesse Grief Center is invaluable to our students, their families, and our school staff.